Because there are so many items you can order at my store, I do not have every item in store at a given time. Nevertheless,

I always strive to get the stuff you are looking for at maximum speed. Delivery time can reach up to 2-3 weeks from US to Germany ( sometimes even more ) , so please keep that in mind while placing your order.

Thank you and have a good day...    Klaus

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I would be happy to answer your questions or give you some informations about the stuff in general !

                       Trailer of the video :


  "Vaquero Ranch Roping - The Basics"
filmed in Czech Rep.,   running time app.   35 min.

german, english und czech language                -        29,- €


                  All Ropes comes with standard ( bound in ) Honda unless otherwise ordered...........


Samples  :                Kid Ropes  






                                                                      San Juan Honda   from   Michael Nagel   45,- €      ,see below..



Montana Buckaroo  Honda 5/16"           24,- €

Plastic Breakaway Honda                        4,- €





                                                              Steerhead  Plastic,  about  20" horn spread, incl. 2 prongs     49,-€

                                                               for mounting onto haybale etc...


Rope bags on request...


                            this way to


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